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MagicJack manual
Lots of new devices appear every day all over the world. How to keep up with the times? How to remember all things about new products and their settings? Nobody knows.

MagicJack (USB port that plugs into a computer and a phone jack that plugs into a standard phone) is not really a new device but nowadays it’s frequently used and some people have problems though installation process and settings are really simple. But this article with tech support is for those who can experience difficulties with MagicJack. So, first of all the things that you need to know before installing IP phone MagicJack:

1) You should make sure that your have e-mail address as its necessary for registration process of your MagicJack. Also you will receive voice mails to this mail box.
2) Make sure that your computer is connected to Internet.
3) Check if your computer has unused USB port.
4) If you don’t have an unused fixed phone, you can use microphone and headphones, that are attached to your computer.
5) Phone book and calls history of MagicJack is saved in the device memory that is why you can use MagicJack on different computers without losing saved information.
6) MagicJack can be used with Outlook contacts, if, of course you download some additional files for Outlook, using MagicJack Application Menu to upload them after registration.
7) To Connect MagicJack to unused USB port of you computer you can use cable extender for your convenience and easier access.
8) Attach a fixed phone to MagicJack.
9) MagicJack with automatically start downloading program from the internet. Wait 3 or 4 minutes until a registration window appear. If it doesn’t, that frequently happens with computers that have Windows Vista operation system, in this case please be advised to update MagicJack from their site.
10) After software installation, you will see program registration window, just feel in all data. After that you will be able to use MagicJack.

The most common problem that users face with after setting MagicJack is the problem of calls disconnection. It often happens if you connect to your router wirelessly, to eliminate this problem just connect to your router using a wire (and be sure you're actually connecting with the wire by disabling your wireless connection either on your computer, or in your router's admin screen). There is also 30-second inbound disconnect. It seems to be related to newer Linksys routers with buggy firmware. The only way to find out if you're affected by this problem is to bypass your router and connect directly to your cable/DSL modem. Be aware that this can expose you to external threats which a router protects you from. You shouldn't do it without a software firewall.

In addition to the 30-second disconnect, users of newer Linksys routers have reported a problem where the phone keeps ringing even after it was answered by voice mail. And that, like the 30-second disconnect, could only be fixed by eliminating the firewall (putting the router in a DMZ, etc.).

Have a nice time with your new device.


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